"I am a 75 year old female that had recurring ingrown big toe problems for the past 10 years.  Five years ago I had surgery on my right big toe.  It was a horrible experience by another San Diego podiatrist.  For the past year, I have been Dr. Thuen’s patient and he determined I should have my left big toenail done.  I was most apprehensive about the procedure.  He assured me my experience would be different and he has a special “air gun” for delivering the numbing material.  I was without pain from the moment he began.  Dr. Thuen is a fantastic doctor, explains everything thoroughly, and is most caring.  His staff is excellent, the offices clean and spotless and as a patient I feel I will be cared for from the minute I arrive.  I am so fortunate to have Dr. Thuen as my podiatrist.  He comes highly recommended by me."

BF                    Permanent correction of a chronic ingrown nail. 


"My son had an issue with ingrown toenails.  He had two procedures done by two different Podiatrists.  The Drs were awful and the procedures were not successful.  There was no warning of what was going to happen and it was a bloody mess.  My son was traumatized.  The needle in the toe with no numbing brought him to tears.   I brought him to Dr. Thuen's office when he was suffering again with an ingrown toenail.  We had a totally different experience.  Dr. Thuen explained everything and asked if (name) was alright with what was going to happen.  He numbed his toe with a device before giving the shot.  The nurse kept him occupied with jokes while the procedure was taking place.  It was a very good experience.  I highly recommend Dr. Thuen for any procedure.  I have sent several people there and they also were very happy with their services."

SH                   Mother of a teenage son who was treated with permanent correction of a chronic ingrown nail.




"I have had 2 infections in the same toe within the last year.  This last one did not go away with antibiotics.  I called and made an appointment with Dr. Thuen and was seen within 4 days.  I have never been treated with such warmth and friendliness ever.  I only had to wait the length of time it takes to fill out the papers and was seen by the doctor within 5 minutes of going into the treatment room.  Unfortunately my toenail had to be removed, but this was also done right away and painlessly – with the exception of the first pin prick to numb the toe.  I have had only a minute or two of discomfort since.  And, prior to that I was in pain around the clock.  I can’t say enough good things about this entire crew.    If you need something done to your feet, you would be cheating yourself  of the excellence I have found here if you went somewhere else.  I have already sent my boss to him for her ankle.  That is true faith in my experience."

MB                      Ingrown nail surgery.


"I had an ingrown toenail fixed by Dr. Thuen.  The procedure was painless.  I followed Dr. Thuen’s directions afterwards and the toe healed perfectly.  The whole thing was easier than I expected.  Dr. Thuen is polite and professional.  It was nice dealing with him.  The rest of the staff was nice too."

JH                         Office surgery for permanent correction of an ingrown nail.



"I had foot surgery in October, and have been very happy with the results.  If I only had one thing to say about Dr. Thuen it is, DO WHAT HE TELLS YOU TO DO.  It is not easy to sit around for weeks and weeks, but well worth the wait as the results are fantastic.  I can walk without pain, a gift in itself.  A BIG thank you to Dr. Thuen and his office staff.  The staff is wonderful and very helpful.  You will be very pleased with all aspects of this office and doctors."

VG                    7 weeks after bunion surgery with total joint replacement.


"I always had trouble with my feet, especially trying to buy shoes.  I went to Dr. Thuen and he x-rayed my feet.  The left needed only a little adjustment, but the right foot was so deformed it required surgery for recontruction of the bones. Today my right foot is the best looking, and I have no more trouble with my feet.  -  Thanks to Dr. Thuen."

NR                    31 years after bunion surgery.



"I wanted to take the time to let you know how happy I am with the care I received from you and your staff.  I am very pleased with the experience and the results of the bunionectomy you performed on me earlier this month.  Most importantly, I was very surprised that I had NO pain immediately after and during my recovery.  I didn't even believe you had done anything to my foot until it was unwrapped for the first time!  I would not hesitate to recommend you to other people needing this kind of surgery.  You and your staff were always friendly and professional, and I felt always had my best interest in mind.  Well wishes to you all in the coming year!"

TV              Bunion surgery with Total Joint Replacement.

"Dr Thuen operated on both my feet at the same time - straightened five toes and put an implant in my big toe.  I have had no further problems with my feet.  He is a very caring doctor."

DV              Bunion and Hammertoe Reconstruction with Total Joint Implant          (28 years since surgery) 




"My experience with Dr Thuen and his staff has been wonderful.  I went in for some foot pain from my arches falling and as a result from this, plantar fasciitis.  From start to finish Dr Thuen was very attentive and answered all my questions.  I never felt rushed or brushed off.  He and his staff show each and every patient the time and care that is needed.  My new orthotics are amazing and my day to day quality of life has been improved greatly!"

TM            Orthotic treatment for plantar fasciitis/heel pain


"Dr. Thuen made me feel comfortable from the first time I met him. I was suffering from pain in the top of my right foot. Since wearing the orthotics he had custom made for me, my pain has almost completely disappeared! Thank you Dr. Thuen. I will gladly recommend you to friends."

JA            Orthotic treatment for chronic arch pain/degenerative arthritis.

"Dr Thuen gave me my feet back - he put me back on my feet.  Many thanks."

JA              Orthotic treatment for ankle and arch arthritis, as well as painful callouses below the balls of the feet.

"Dr Thuen is the best foot doctor I have ever had.  Also has a good personality.  I have recomended him to several of my friends."

BR               Orthotic treatment for chronic foot pain associated with painful callouses.



"I am thrilled to use Tri-City Podiatry Group.  Dr. Han provides specialized care for my personal needs.  He greets me with enthusiasm.  He discusses my condition clearly.  He provides detailed service with great attention to detail.  He carefully explains treatment choices in a clear professional manner  I easily understand.  Dr. Han is efficient, time is treated with value.  Treatment is delivered with a professional sense of urgency that is very refreshing.  Dr. Han’s assistant Heidi is a delightful service technician, so very professional, gentle, and thorough with fine attention to detail.  Very calm and considerate of the patients situation.  Rhonda at the desk is so very pleasant and observant of appointment details.  In a hectic world it is refreshing to receive calm personalized service."

JM              Generalfoot care for a medically at-risk patient.

"For Dr. Han I would rate my foot care as being excellent and caring.  He has made available appropriate medicines for my on-going problems with my feet.  I would rate him and the staff as always 4-5 stars in quality!  I recommend him and the staff highly!  I have known some of the staff for 13 years (Heidi) and appreciate all of them."

ML             General foot care for painful calluses.


"I have been so happy with my choosing Dr. Thuen.  He not only is so professional in his DPM, but a very pleasant man too.  His whole office staff are friendly and helpful. He rates 5 Stars.  He has my confidence!"

DA              General foot care for pain control in an at-risk patient.

"I have been a patient in this office for more than 20 years, first with Dr. Lawrence and now with Dr. Han who was especially picked by Dr, Lawrence.  I have been treated with wonderful care over these years and my feet have been complicated to treat.  I have recommended these doctors to friends without hesitation."

PB                  Orthotic and general foot care in at risk patient.


"I visit Dr. Thuen for podiatry.  He removes calluses from the bottom of my foot and removes my toenails for me because I have fungus in them.  I go to him every two months.  He is very professional and personable.  He is like a caring physician and he is good at what he does for me from my experience.  I haven’t gone to him for anything major.  I don’t have a problem with his availability because I make them in advance."

                     Periodic treatment for controlling pain resulting from thick calluses and fungal nails


"I was Dr. Lawrence’s patient for over twenty years.  When he retired he selected Dr. Han to replace him.  He is a wonderful doctor and treats his patients with as much care as Dr. Lawrence did.  Whenever I need care he is always available and very professional.  The staff is also very professional and caring."

JB                   Diabetic Foot Care

"Dr. Eric Thuen is a fine podiatrist.  He takes good care of me.  He is a good doctor and I enjoy our visit.  I would recommend him to anyone highly.  He’s the best!"

GG                         Diabetic Foot Care

"We love the care we get at Tri-City Podiatry Group.  The staff is friendly and sensitive to their patient’s needs.  Our feet have never been happier.  Dr. Han is our doctor and he is patient and kind.  He explains clearly what is going on with our feet.  We highly recommend Tri-City Podiatry!"

KK                      Diabetic and Neuropathic Foot Care.  Vascular Insufficiency  with Fungal Nails  


"We have had excellent care since we have been patients of Dr. Han and his staff as well."

TA + MA                  Diabetic and Neuropathic Foot Care.



"If you are looking for a “leg up” on better foot care, don’t  “pussy-foot” around any longer and “run” don’t “walk” to Dr. Han and Dr. Thuen’s  office.  They never put their “foot in their mouth” because they always say the right thing.  So…”stand up and be counted as a patient of these fine doctors!"

GF                       Arthroscopic Ankle Surgery



"I saw Dr. Han for foot pain.  He was caring and took the time to address all of my concerns.  His treatment is working, and I would definitely recommend him to my closest friends.  I had to go to the appointment with two small children.  The nurse was kind and helpful with them.  And Dr Han even sat with them while I got my x-ray.  I was impressed with how thorough Dr. Han was in his explanations and options for treatment.  He was also very personable."



"I had sharp foot pain that a MRI determined to be a torn tibial tendon.  Excellent, friendly office staff for all (4-5) office visits.  Dr. Thuen thoroughly explained the problem and my options.  He favored non-surgical treatment, my preference as well.  After 5-6 weeks of wearing a “boot”, tendon was sufficiently healed and I’m carefully returning to normal activities.  Insurance billing handled w/o a hitch.  I’ll definitely use Dr. Thuen for all future podiatric needs."

                       Torn Tibial Tendon



"Excellent medical care.Very friendly and caring staff.  I would recommend to friends.  Always prompt and professional."

EA                       Treated for ulcer.



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